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Joy's Answers to FAQs

What happens when it is cold or raining outside? 

One of our goals in forest school is to bring the children outdoors no matter what the weather, so that they will learn how to enjoy nature as a whole, not just on “perfect days.” With the right rain gear, the children can enjoy playing outdoors during a rain shower. We do not meet for forest school if there is thunder or lightening. On cold days we drink hot tea out of our tiny porcelain cups and all of the families in forest school are asked to dress their children in layers of wool and silk if possible so that they do not feel cold during winter.

Do you offer make-up classes if we miss one?

You are welcome to make up classes that you miss without paying any additional fees.

How old are the children who attend Forest School?

Forest school is a mixed-age program. The youngest children are around one year old and just starting to walk; the eldest children are four and five years old and are already expert runners. But most of the children in forest school are toddling somewhere in between. 

Can my child attend class with a caregiver?

Yes, of course.

May I bring an infant along? And do you offer a sibling discount?

Babies are welcome to attend forest school with their older siblings. If you have two children over the age of 12 months attending forest school, we offer a 15% discount for the second child. Babies under a year-old who attend with a sibling attend for free.

May I bring my stroller?
Of course! All of our forest classrooms are stroller accessible.

May I bring a special snack or toy for my child to forest school?

It is best to leave anything that your child will find hard to share at home. But if your child is attached to a special toy, or is hungry before snack time, please bring the toy along or offer a quick snack.

May I invite friends or relatives to come along?

People love forest school, so they often ask to bring loved ones to check it out. They are all welcome to visit. But as the child of a lawyer, I have to point out that we assume no liability for them when they’re around. We had one adventurous relative climb to the top of a tree in under 60 seconds...

My child is shy, if we attend forest school, are you going to require that s/he participates in class?

No. We don’t call on any children during circle time or any other time during forest school. We lead the class through transitions with quiet, little songs which usually work well for even the shyest of children. But if your child doesn’t join in, we really don’t mind. We think adding play in nature to your family’s week is enough for most children to take away from forest school.

Since Brooklyn Forest School is inspired by Waldorf education, does that mean you’ll judge when my child comes to class talking about Elmo?

No. Media is a part of our young children’s lives. They are digital natives, though we’d like them to get as comfortable playing in the dirt as watching television. But no judgements about parenting are allowed in forest school. It’s when we are in nature that we remember best that living things like to thrive. We believe most children thrive too, no matter how much Elmo they consume.

What does inspired by Waldorf mean?

Waldorf schools teach children as whole human beings. They strive for a balance of practical, physical, artistic and academic activities, each contributing to the development of a well-rounded person. In forest school, we create that balance through predictable activities for young children and periods of child-led play. The classes are structured, but feel natural because they follow the rhythms of a home.

Do you offer refunds?

A refund equivalent to the remainder of the season is available to families who decide to leave forest school before the second class of the season. Registration fees are not refundable.

Who took all of these amazing forest school photos?

Matt Peccini and Thomas Hooper took all of the photos on our site and shared them with us. They are talented photographers, and forest school dads.


Make-up Classes

Your child is welcome to make up any missed classes during the current season. Please use our make-up scheduler here to find if a class that works for your schedule an accommodate your drop-in attendance.

Guests visiting forest school

You are welcome to bring a friend or relative to forest school with you. If another child will be joining you in a forest school class, please email Joy ( to request a visitor form a week before the visitor will attend class.


While we love having your child in forest school, please stay home if your child has any of these symptoms:

  • Signs of possible severe illness such as fever, uncontrolled coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, persistent crying, or lethargy
  • Diarrhea, such as loose or runny stools, a stool that runs out of a diaper.
  • Vomiting; once a child has vomited,  please do not return to forest school for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Any sort of rash, especially when accompanied by a fever or behavior change